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YOT precision engineered take apart puzzle


Quick Overview

Is it a puzzle? Is it a UFO? Or is it TOY spelled backwards? For sure you'll be puzzling over how to open the YOT long after that argument has been resolved.

It's not an unknown mechanism to experienced puzzlers and collectors, but it's such a beautifully presented version of this type of puzzle that you will want it in your collection. It also makes a fantastic executive toy or gift for the boss!

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It might look like a UFO but it's really a puzzle! Inside the shiny metal disc is a US Silver Dollar and all you have to do is open the Yot to retrieve it.  The puzzle even teases you by showing you the coin when you look at it upside down. But no clue there on how to get the coin out.

The Yot uses a mechanism that's been used before in take apart puzzle so if you have a few of these types of puzzles you will probably know it. But that doesn't mean you don't want this version in your collection! It's very hard to explain the difficulty rating on this puzzle. This is a puzzle that once you're shown you cannot forget the solution. So we definitely do not count that when making this rating. If you've never seen it before and you're never given any clues, and you don't fluke it just once, but really understand how it comes apart and can repeat it at will then we call it 7/10. Others might get lucky and find the solution right away. 

To find the solution to this one you can sit and fiddle for ages but it could take you a very long time to come across the solution by accident. Or you could think logically about how it could open; use some of that old physics knowledge they tried to teach you in high school, and apply it here. Force = Mass times (Velocity squared) over Radius. 

The puzzle is very tactile with parts that move. With a little practice as you get better at the puzzle you can have the pleasure of teasing your friends with this one. Take the top straight off careful not to show them how you do it. Seeing the puzzle open won't help them with the solution. Then close the puzzle and hand it to them and watch them struggle for ages to open it again! The simple joys of teasing good friends. The Yot will soon become your favourite pocket gadget, party trick or office toy.

The YOT is made of high quality aircraft aluminum with a polished finish and is packaged in a sturdy solid card case. This puzzle is made with precision engineering and the mechanism works repeatedly without fail.

Size: The diameter of the Yot is 68mm and it is 12mm high plus the little knob on top.

No solution is included so you can't cheat with this one. There is a card inside with tips on looking after your Yot and it includes the contact details to write for a solution to be sent.

Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Difficulty Level 7
Designer -

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