Queensland’s Inaugural state Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

When: Saturday 22 May from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm 
Where: Sandgate Town Hall on the corner of Cliff and Seymour Streets in Sandgate.
What: Compete in Pairs. Put together a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle in under 3 hours. 
Tickets: $50 Hurry and get your tickets as soon as you can as places are limited and the Western Australian competition in January sold out.

In lots of ways 2020 was the year of the puzzle, and for many that means the jigsaw puzzle!  Jigsaw puzzles helped get us through the long days of the first Covid-19 lockdown. Heck, even the Prime Minister sent us out to buy puzzles and jigsaws to keep our minds active.
Now it’s time to get back together and experience a room full of puzzlers all jigsaw-ing at the same time. 

The Australian Jigsaw Puzzle Association (AJPA) is running a series of Australia-wide competitions and the next one is coming to our home state of Queensland in a couple of weeks. 

Everyone will be given an identical puzzle which is kept secret until the competition starts, and each team of two will have up to 3 hours to complete their puzzle.  Either the first to complete the jigsaw puzzle or the pair with the most pieces attached in the 3 hour time limit, wins.  Each pair of competitors gets to take their puzzle home. First prize is a $500 travel voucher, cash, puzzles, trophies, and the pair will take their place in the Nationals to represent Queensland later in the year. Competitors are encouraged to dress up just for the fun of it and the organisers are giving out lots of spot prizes for random things on the day.

So grab a friend and enjoy a day of puzzling in room full of others enjoying puzzling.

Australian Jigsaw Puzzle Association
Australian Jigsaw Puzzle Association