Wil Strijbos’s Revenge Lock

The YouTuber downtimefun has done a great job solving the Revenge Lock.   
**SPOILER** Don’t click this link if you don’t want to see the solve! https://youtu.be/VRT-HNfArd0

The Revenge Lock (alias The Wanderer) is an amazing Sequential Discovery puzzle by Wil Strijbos. It possibly doesn’t need a lot of explanation. You’ve probably read about it on forums and watched YouTube videos already. But here’s some information directly from Will that you might not already know.

There are no magnets, no banging required, no force needed. Along the way you may at first think there’s dexterity involved to solve it. But dexterity can be almost eliminated by using some of the parts supplied with the puzzle. It may take longer to put it back together than taking it apart; even though by that time you can see all the parts before you.

Wil makes batches of them very infrequently and as of April 2022 we have just a handful left in stock. Once they’ve been sold it’s unlikely they will be available until at least 2023.