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Set of 4 Mysterious Chinese Secret Boxes – Four Seasons Series


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Four Puzzle Boxes. Four different solutions. Buy individual or buy set of 4. Each box has more than one compartment to open so there’s plenty of challenge there.
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The series has four different boxes in this series. There are four different puzzle solutions. They are of similar difficulty rating although this is often different for different people. Just different numbers of moves and different types of moves

Buy the set of all four with 20% discount.

Each puzzle box has beautiful graphics in colours representative of seasonal change and the all have multiple compartments.  So when someone thinks they've opened the box your stash is still safe in the other compartment deeper inside the puzzle.  This is a type of misdirection that is often used in puzzle boxes that have their origins in functional items and the history of Chinese puzzle boxes certainly shows that they were originally intended for use as document safes and the like.

Each puzzle box is made from plywood which is quite stable and each has a different patterned transfer applied to the outside. The patterns on the transfer represent patterns similar to what you might see on Japanese puzzle boxes that are decorated with a type of wooden marquetry called Yosegi. Of course they are not made this way. Only master craftsmen in Japan make these types of puzzles (also sold on this website) but the decoration is still quite lovely and the patterns very pleasing.

Size: 151mm x 80mm x 55mm
Each box is packaged with a solution in plain white cardboard box.

As an extra measure of quality control each box has been opened and tested here at Mr puzzle to ensure they are all in good working order.


The Spring box has more moves to open than any of the others. As well as a main compartment there are two separate drawers that also need to be opened. The wood is stained light green and the transfer shows the patterns of flowers of Spring.
Size inside: Chamber 1-65mm x 55mm x 30mm  2-65mm x 55mm x 35mm  3-53mm x 53mm x 13mm  4-53mm x 53mm x 13mm


This Chinese puzzle box has a compartment in the top and a single drawer in the bottom to open. Working with MI Toys who manufactured the puzzles, here at Mr Puzzle we have made our own modification to this puzzle box to make what we consider a more interesting solution. The wood is stained the rich dark green of Summer and the transfer has lovely geometric patterns on it in green tones.
Size inside: Chamber 1-130mm x 65mm x 30mm  2-125mm x 50mm x 12mm


This is a two compartment box and both compartments will be tricky to discover. The colours are the golds and browns of the changing leaves of Autumn
Size inside: Chamber 1-134mm x 65mm x 30mm  2-130mm x 50mm x 12mm


There are seven steps in total to open all the compartments of the Winter Chinese puzzle box.
Working with MI Toys who manufactured the puzzles, here at Mr Puzzle we have made our own modification to this puzzle box to make what we consider a more interesting solution with more steps to solve.
The wood is stained dark brown and the transfer has geometric patterns that includes tinges of blue and white to represent the very cold winters that China suffers.
Size inside: Chamber 1-115mm x 63mm x 35mm  2-125mm x 50mm x 13mm

Chinese legends about the seasons appear in ancient Chinese astronomy, they adorn the files of the Chinese game of Mah-jong that relate to the seasons, so why not have a puzzle box collection where each box represents a season?

Additional Information

Manufacturer No
Difficulty Level 4
Designer -

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