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Set of 4 Secret Puzzle Boxes


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This is a complete set of 4 different Secret Boxes with 4 different solutions. Solve each different puzzle to unlock the secret of each box.

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This is a complete set of 4 different Secret Boxes with 4 different solutions. Solve each fiendish challenge to unlock the secret of each box.

Can be used as a money box with a smaller groove for coins and a larger groove on the other side for notes. And great for hiding a Gift Card or other small gift for some extra Christmas frustration!

Secret Box I - Level 2 stars. Challenging! Size: 150mm x 65mm x 50mm Space inside: There is a little more space inside but whatever you put inside needs to go through a restricted opening of 95mm x 33mm. Depth 25mm.
Secret Box II - Level 3 stars. Dilemma! Size: 150mm x 65mm x 50mm Space inside: 105mm x 50mm x 25mm
Secret Box III - Level 3 stars. Dilemma!  Size: 150mm x 65mm x 50mm   Space inside: 120mm x 50mm  x 26mm
Secret Box IV - Level 4 stars. Unbelievable! Size: 150mm x 65mm x 50mm Space inside: 120mm x 50mm x 26mm

Peter Rasmussen & Wei Zhang wrote to us recently to share the very interesting history about the origins of these “Secret Boxes”.   Peter and Wei wrote this about these puzzle boxes:

“They are based on antique treasure boxes found in China. 

Japanese puzzle boxes are very popular and are known throughout the world. Chinese puzzle boxes, on the other hand, are relatively unknown—in China as well as in the rest of the world. This may be due to the fact that Chinese puzzle boxes were produced in a geographically remote part of China and only recently made their way to antique markets in some of the cities. Or it could be because the Chinese boxes were made to serve as practical household objects, whereas Japanese puzzle boxes were intentionally created as novelties to be marketed to travellers and tourists who then spread their fame.

We’ve been collecting and researching the histories of Chinese puzzles since 1997. Occasionally we came across a box—around the size of a shoe box—that required an ingenious trick to open it. No two boxes were exactly alike, and some required a number of steps to open. Whenever we asked about the origin of these boxes, the reply was always the same: they came from Shanxi province. We began traveling around Shanxi in 1999 and found many more of these clever boxes in small rural markets. The boxes had been used by families with property to hold deeds and other valuables. One has an inscription dated “31st year of the Guangxu reign" (1905), proving that their use goes back more than 100 years. Today people enjoy the challenge of opening the boxes as puzzles rather than using them to hold their treasures.

Now Mi-Toys is producing these modern puzzle boxes based on four of the boxes in our collection. Our hope is that this will help to gain wider recognition for the lost art of making and solving Chinese puzzle boxes.”

Peter & Wei are working on:  Classical Chinese Puzzle Project  You will find a wealth of fascinating information about the origins of Chinese puzzles on this website.

Additional Information

Manufacturer miToys
Difficulty Level 4
Designer No

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