The 4th box in the Karakuri New Secret Box series

Karakuri have added a fourth box to the “New Secret Boxes” series. The solution is very different from the previous three versions and they say the hint is “Binary” and very difficult!

It takes 32 moves to open this the New Secret Box IV. Quite difficult by anyone’s standards.

All 6 surfaces of this box must slide to open it.

The panels of this box are slightly thinner and therefore I think perhaps slightly less robust than others in the New Secret Box series but it’s so well made and slides so easily it should not be a problem. The only rule to remember is that if it doesn’t want to slide then either you haven’t got something liked up just right or it probably doesn’t slide that way anyway.

Inside Karakuri New Secret Box IV
We are confident that a peek inside the fantastic 32 move New Secret Box IV is not going to give anything away. It will just make you appreciate more the amount of skilled work that goes into making these boxes.