The Lotus phenomenon

Its pretty unusual in the puzzle world for a video to go “viral” as they say. So with 19,716,753 views since Youtuber, Puzzler & Magician Chris Ramsey posted the Lotus solve on Jul 11, 2018 the puzzle has become a phenomenon in its own right.
To put that in context the Lotus sequential discovery puzzle is made in small batches using parts assembled by just 1 man who is the inventor of the puzzle. We’re not talking mass production Rubiks here. Just 1 guy! So supply is always limited.

It took Wil from 2018 until third quarter 2020 to supply enough Lotus puzzles just to satisfy the backlog of request we and the other few retailers he works with had. Of course, this also creates a healthy resale market that some puzzlers have definitely taken advantage of.

Since 2020 they’ve not been available until now in May of 2022! For now we have a few Lotus left to sell to new puzzlers which is great.   And I have more batches arriving in June 2022 once  these sell out so please register to be notified so you don’t miss out.

But it’s a complex puzzle and sophisticated puzzle, not to be taken lightly. Wil does not publish a solution and certainly doesn’t consider being able to follow the steps in a YouTube of the puzzle being solved by someone else to be solving the puzzle yourself. That’s also our guideline when we’re rating a puzzle for difficulty. That the puzzler has discovered the solution themselves, understands to solve, and can repeat it at will.

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