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The Educated Monkey curious calculator


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A very clever and puzzling curiosity. An amazing calculator that can multiply and divide, add and subtract! A mechanical calculator. No batteries required!

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What a clever curiosity the Educated Monkey is.  He can do your multiplication and division for you without the use of a computer.

It's a replica of a calculating device sold around the world before from 1916.  It was invented and patented by William Robertson of Belmont, Ohio, USA and made by the Educational Novelty Company.  This ingenious device was considered both a novelty and and educational aid back in the 1920's before the day of the calculator and the computer. 

What can it do? The monkey can multiply and divide.  It can teach the complete multiplication and division tables. It also add, subtract, multiply, divide or factor basic numbers. It includes an entertaining and instructive game for children... and big kids too!  And it's linked motion makes a mechanical puzzles for the more advanced students to ponder over.

A mechanical calculator.  No batteries requried!   Great novelty present for an executive desk too!  

The item is made from painted tin plate.   The box is: 142mm x 157mm x 17mm  

Note: The boxes have slight rub marks on them above the name and on the brand on the front where they have been stacked against each other and rubbed during transit.  There is no damage to the toy inside.

Historical note just for fun....  This picture is of a version of the Educated Monkey called Reconomatic, released in 1972 before computers took over.  The Reconomatic could also add and subtract!



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