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Titan heavy brass take apart puzzle


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Stock Update 20th January 2020. More Titans arriving with the new Hip Flask during February 2020.

A straightforward and uncomplicated goal does not mean an uncomplicated puzzle.

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The goal is to open the sphere.

You can clearly see that the puzzle is two joined half spheres. But that's about all you can see. Everything else is hidden inside.
There is a little bit of movement but you'll really need to put your thinking cap on to work out what the first move might be.

Designed by Felix Ure, a young product designer from London, England and machined from solid brass the puzzle feels substantial and luxurious. Felix tells us that he has always had an obsession with small mechanisms and things that move in clever ways. He has a lot of experience designing luxury products, and around a year ago, he decided to try designing puzzles. In his opinion, there is no design process purer than attempting to design a puzzle.
His goal was to make a beautiful object with a simple mechanism, yet a difficult solution, that is just as satisfying to sit and fiddle with as it is to solve.
Despite Titan being the first puzzle he's offered for sale (he has designed two others but did not release them commercially) we think he's nailed that objective!

The puzzle is assembled by hand in the UK.
The puzzle is difficult but with a simple goal and an elegant solution. And you will have to work it out for yourself because the designer has decided not to package the solution with the puzzle.

Size: Titan sphere has a diameter of 50mm
Titan is packaged in a solid foam-filled black box with a magnetic close lid and brass plaque with designers name. A solution not included.
Please note: The plaque is solid brass and as such over time with handling and just exposure to the air a patina will develop. This is already evident with some of the boxes. This is how they have come to us from Felix Ure. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about this so if the packaging is important to you please consider this. I have added a close-up photo of one of the examples I have seen so you can judge.

Additional Information

Manufacturer -
Difficulty Level 9
Designer Felix Ure

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