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Twisty & Rotating Puzzles

Twisty Puzzles is a cool name given the type of mechanical puzzles that require the puzzler to rotate or twist pieces to get to the final solution.

In this category you'll find original Rubik's puzzles, the amazing and highest quality V Cube puzzles, and some budget twisty puzzles too;  even cute little animal twisty puzzles so that everyone gets a chance to play with them.

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  1. Rubik's Cube 3x3 original classic cube

    Rubik's Cube 3x3 original classic cube

    It's a classic. A retro icon of the 1908's. The Rubik's Cube. The #1 puzzle in the world!

    Why not add a fun twist to your day with Rubiks?

    Learn More
  2. Tetrahedron Twisty Puzzle

    Twisty Tetrahedron stickerless pillowed puzzle

    This twisty tetrahedron might look a bit like the standard Pyraminx puzzle but it’s much harder to do. Unlike Pyraminx you cannot simply turn the corner pieces to get the colours right! Learn More
  3. Twisted Cube puzzle

    Twisted Cube twisty brainteaser

    It might look like someone took a standard 3x3x3 Cube and twisted it. But actually it’s quite a different puzzle. The rotation axis passes through the corners not the centres. Learn More
  4. Pentacle Cube

    Circled Star cube rotating brainteaser

    A great puzzle for adding more challenges; not just scramble and return to solid coloured sides. Try getting the points of the star in one colour and the centre and circular surrounds a second colour. Learn More
  5. 4 Leaf Clover Cube

    4 Leaf Clover Cube

    Will it be the “Luck of the Irish” or “Murphy’s Law” that defines your experience with this puzzle? The 4 leaf clover shape morphs quickly into what you think is a very pretty pattern, until you’re trying to get it back to a cube and can’t! Learn More
  6. Axis cube

    60 Degree Axis cube

    This one’s a real shapeshifter. The shape transforms before your very eyes as you do a few quick turns. And now it’s too late to turn back! Learn More
  7. Animal cubes Tiger and Panda

    Panda or Tiger Magic Cube

    You might be a series cuber and want to add these to your own collection. Or just decorate your desk at work with one as a fidget. But once the kids see them you’ll have trouble keeping them for yourself! Learn More
  8. Mirror Cube

    Silver or Gold colour Mirror Cube

    This is a real transformation for the humble cube. Instead of relying on different coloured sides for puzzling this cube is solved by returning it to its cube shape. Every side is the same colour anyway! Learn More
  9. Gear Cube black with stickers

    Gear Cube smooth turning twisty puzzle

    This Gear Cube is very smooth turning. But be careful turning it too far too quickly. Within a few turns it’s totally unrecognisable and seemingly impossible to get back to the cube with solid colour sides again! Choose from stickerless or with stickers.
    SELLING OUT! White stickerless gear cubes at clearance price! These have been handpainted but not very well.

    Learn More
  10. Twisty snake

    Twisty Snake puzzle

    Twist, turn, fold. Which shape will you try? An inexpensive stocking stuffer; and not just the kids! Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 26 total

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We call this category Twisty & Rotation Puzzles but many people just refer to it as Rubik's puzzles. 

Rubik's is one of those brands that is so recognisable and so much a part of our culture that it's now become a regular generic term to describe these type of twisty or rotation type puzzles.

According to Jerry Slocum's Classification these Rotating piece puzzles are but a subset of a much wider group of puzzles called Sequential Movement Puzzles-Moving parts of the object to a goal is the puzzle. But they are so popular and there are so many to choose from, even on this website there's nearly 40 to choose from, that we've added them to a category of their own called Twisty & Rotation Puzzles.

If you've never solved a Rubik's Cube before, and you want to get fast at it, then where to start? There are so many possibilities out there these days. Lots of manufacturers other than Rubik's themselves. Different shapes, sizes, qualities, right up to the most finely tuned speed cubes that puzzlers who set world records use.

But a good place to start to perfect the skill is still the classic standard 3x3x3 cube. Until you fully understand how the solution works and you can solve it from any scrambled position you really can't work on speed.

There are tutorials for beginners and methods for more advanced users all over the internet. I even saw a tutorial to teach you to solve it blindfolded! Take the time to learn the common language of solving the cube too.  It's called the Rubik's Notation and you'll see this common language used in most solving tutorials or solution.

So what then is the next step after mastering the cube?

Well, there's always speedcubing. Time yourself and see how fast you can do it. We even sell a cube with an inbuilt timer.  Maybe you'll find yourself at the World Championships!

The first World Championship to speed solve the Rubik's Cube was held in Budapest, Hungary, on 5 June 1982.  The trophy for winning was a gold-plated Rubik's Cube.  Ernő Rubik himself selected the cubes for the competition himself although compared to the cubes these days that are specially made and lubricated for speed solving they were pretty much the off the shelf product of the day.

There were solvers from 19 different countries and Minh Thai from the USA was the winner with the best time of 22.95 seconds.

It would be another 20 years before speedcubing became so popular that there would be another championship. And there is now a World Cube Association that organises them annually. Solving the standard 3x3x3 cube is still included in the championships but these days there are many other categories as well including solving blindfolded!

The winner of the 2017 3x3x3 Cube solve was Max Park (USA) with a best time of 5.87 seconds.  A full 17.08 seconds faster than Minh Thai's time in 1982. How much faster can they get?

International Puzzle Day is celebrated on July 13th to honour the birth of Dr. Erno Rubik, the inventor of Rubik’s Cube. He was born on July 13, 1944 in Budapest, Hungary during World War II.


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