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Twisty Tetrahedron stickerless pillowed puzzle


Quick Overview

This twisty tetrahedron might look a bit like the standard Pyraminx puzzle but it’s much harder to do. Unlike Pyraminx you cannot simply turn the corner pieces to get the colours right!
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The Twisty Tetrahedron is a stickerless pillowed shaped design of the puzzle. Its nice curved faces feel good in your hands and the rotation is smooth. 

The original idea for the puzzle originally called Mastermorphix belongs to Aleh Hladzilin who was the first designer to truncate a 3x3x3 cube into a tetrahedron shape. From that many other version have followed.

The puzzle still has 6 turning axis just like the original cube but the way this puzzle turns is quite strange and can lead to a wide variety of bizarre shapes as the puzzle is twisted. It is possible to mess up the colours while retaining the puzzles tetrahedron shape; equally the puzzle can shape shift if other types of turns are made. Why not try both of these challenges.

In spite of seeming similarities, the only way that this puzzle is related to the Pyraminx is that they are both twisty puzzles. The Pyraminx is a corner-turning puzzle. On the Twisty Tetrahedron the corner pieces cannot be just rotated in place to the right orientation. This makes a big difference and makes this puzzle much harder to do.

Made of coloured tiles rather than stickers. Blue, green, red and yellow.
Size: Each pyramid edge is 80mm long.
Package: Clear round plastic box with replaceable lid.
No solution enclosed.

Note: A huge thanks to Jaap’s Puzzle Page  for providing an amazing resource to bring the background of this and other rotation type puzzles to our customers.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Chengye
Difficulty Level 8
Designer -

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