Two Brass Monkey puzzles

Why Brass Monkey? Even if you understand that brass monkey is a colloquial expression used by some English speakers you might still wonder why this group of puzzles gets its name from that. I wonder too! But so far I’ve not been able to prise the information out of Steve and Ali. But the timing is good. We’re just starting winter here Downunder, we often call it brass monkey weather, so what better than to rug up and stay inside for some serious puzzling to keep warm.

These puzzles are gorgeous. Smooth cylindrical brass rods. Heavy metal. Precision engineered fit.

Brass Monkey One is your standard cylindrical 6-piece burr puzzle. A nice version.

Brass Monkey Two hold a few more secrets. It might look the same as the BM1 but that single etched ring on the end of each piece tells you it’s not! It’s really a take apart puzzle; more like a trick lock puzzle.

And Brass Monkey Three is on the way here… Brian’s had a sneak peek and loves it!

Brass Monkey One by Steve & Ali