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Gear Ball variation of the Gear Cube


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A variation of Oskar van Deventer's gear puzzle range is the Gear Ball developed by Meffert. Just watching the mechanism turn is mesmerising. Imagine trying to solve it once it's really messed up!
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A variation of Oskar van Deventer's gear puzzle range is the Gear Ball. With similar mechanism to the Gear Cube manufacturer Mefferts says this is the smoothest turning puzzle they've made ever!  It's also an amazing looking piece of puzzle art. 

As the gears move, the colors change on each facing as well as the black frame.  Once you've messed it up the challenge start to return each side to a solid colour just like the Rubik's Cube and other well known twisty puzzles.

The puzzle even has a hanger so it can double as a valuable and unique Christmas tree ornament for the really dedicated twisty puzzle fans out there!!

September 26, 2016  Justin Landers solved a gear ball in 14.65 seconds.  It's still the fastest time we know of.

Size: 60mm x 60mm x 60mm 
Tips to solve:

Additional Information

Manufacturer Meffert
Difficulty Level 6
Designer Oskar van Deventer

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