Vesa Timonen designer of many Hanayama puzzles

Vesa is not a full-time puzzle designer but you would never know it given the number of amazing designs he manages to come up with.  He made is first designs in 1996 and ever since then, he’s constantly being asked if he has any new designs to share. His designs are not always the hardest puzzles (although those that have bought the UFO in 2019 would argue with that for sure!) but very elegant solutions, and very popular.

So the 64 million dollar question;  how do you create a new and original puzzle design out of nothing? How difficult is it to do that? To come up with a new idea?

Vesa’s response to that in the Hanayama Huzzle Journal published in 2018 was:
“The biggest problem in creative work is how not to overlook mistakes. What is wrong, what should I try again, how can I analyze the new puzzle to be sure it works properly?
Vesa says that in his case about 80% of the time spent creating a puzzle is a failure.  But usually, after three or four mistakes, he will find that one good idea that will be suitable for Hanayama to make.
He admits that he thinks about puzzles a lot. At the dinner table, in bed at night, whenever and wherever. He does not have to have a physical puzzle in his hands, he just goes over his puzzle ideas many many times in his mind to work out the issues and hopefully eventually come up with a good idea.

To date, there are 10 brilliant Vesa Timonen designs in the Hanayama range and here at Mr Puzzle we certainly hope he keeps thinking about puzzles long into the future!

Cast Slider  Hanayama

Hanayama UFO

Infinity Hanayama Puzzle by Vesa Timonen

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