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ThinkFun! Almost 30 years of developing Mind-Challenging Games and Logic Puzzle. These have been out of stock for a while now so we’re happy to have them just in time for Christmas shopping.

Gordian’s Knot very difficult take apart interlocking burr puzzle
The designer of this puzzle is Frans de Vreugd.  Frans is an architect by day but has designed many, many puzzles in his ‘spare’ time.
This puzzle is so difficult the makers have included a 69 page, one step per page, spiral bound glossy colour solution booklet.  It includes BOTH the solution to take the puzzle apart and also the steps to put it back together again.

Gordian Knot. Very difficult interlocking burr.
Gordian Knot. Very difficult interlocking burr.

Daily Puzzle desk top calendar puzzle  Ages 8 to Adult.  365 puzzles in one!
Flip, stack and rotate the 10 puzzle tiles to create today’s date.  That’s a new puzzle every day!
The puzzle was invented by the team of Oskar van Deventer and Wei-Hwa Huang.  Oskar is one of the world’s most prolific designers of puzzles and Wei-Hwa is a four-time World Puzzle Champion.  What a team!

Codeword. Some very interesting wooden puzzles added to this range. Budget puzzles. But that doesn’t mean they’re not very interesting designs.

Double Colours Blocks put together puzzle
The puzzle is to arrange the 8 pieces on to the board base in a square.
But…. the tricky bit will be that some blocks have holes drilled in them… and the board base has dowels sticking up.

Checkered Cubes 3D put together puzzle
The puzzle is to pack the 7 odd shaped pieces into a solid offset cube-like shape contained inside the frame of 8 dowels.
A very unusual puzzle which presents quite a challenge as you can imagine by the odd shaped pieces in the photo.

Lots more.  Search all the Codeword puzzles on our site.

Checkered Cubes
Checkered Cubes

Vinco.  Very interesting shapes and high quality woodwork.

Set of 4 Vinco 3D shapes.  Great value.
Four puzzles in a set to make four different shaped polyhedra.  All the puzzles are difficult to assemble.  Each puzzle is individually boxed with it’s own solution.  Good value at under $9 each!

Dual Tetrahedron 28 interlocking coordinated motion puzzle
The puzzle is to take the four pieces of the puzzle apart and then put them back together again which is even harder to do.

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