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Void Cube twisty puzzle with centre piece missing


Quick Overview

It should be easier to do the Void Cube because there are less cubes on each face to get back to a single colour. Right? Perhaps not! Much more experienced cubers than us say it’s more difficult because without the colour of the centre pieces it’s hard to determine the correct colour for each face and you have to change the way you would normally approach solving the regular 3x3x3 Cube.
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The Void Cube looks just like a regular 3x3 Rubik’s Cube except it has rounded corners and you can see right through the centre of each face.  In fact you can put something like a pen right through the cube. There really is no centre piece in this cube. 

So how can it turn if there are just the 12 edge cubes and 8 corner cubes?

When Katsuhiko Okamoto came up with the idea for a mechanism to allow the cube to turn without the center mechanism it was nothing short of revolutionary (in the twisty puzzle world anyway!).  So much so that he won the Jury Grand Prize in the 2007 Nob Yoshigahara Design Competition

This puzzle presents a hole new challenge!

The object is still the same to get a single color on each of the six faces, with the exception of the hole in the middle of course.  Perhaps solving the Void Cube is a little more difficult than the standard 3x3x3 cube, but not hugely so.  And thee's also a group who say it's easier. In the end its up to the individual.

Colours: Stickerless black background with pink, green, yellow, blue, orange and gold sides.
Size: 58mm x 58mm x 58mm Package:
Clear round plastic box with replaceable lid.
No solution enclosed.

A shout out to theTwisty Puzzle Forum Museum website for providing an amazing resource to help us trace the evolution of so many cube designs and acknowledge designers who’ve invented new puzzles.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Chengye
Difficulty Level 6
Designer Katsuhiko Okamoto

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