Make 8603 new Burr puzzles from these two!

Well before the recent enthusiasm (some would say craze!) for metal puzzles there was Burrs.  Burr puzzles. The harder the better. Usually they were made of wood not metal. Except, that is, for a few specialist puzzle makers including these two designs made by Wil Strijbos. Somehow Wil just understood the precision, accuracy and stability you could get with metal. And they look great too!

It’s not often these days that these precision burr puzzles are available from Wil so getting these this last few weeks has been a real treat not only for our customers but for Brian here at Mr Puzzle too.

He’s known for designing sequential discovery puzzles these days. But his first puzzle love has always been interlocking burr puzzles. As a bit of fun, he decided to see what would happen if you mixed the pieces from each of the 10 move Peter Marineau Burr and the 7 move Phillipe Dubois burrs.  For the Burr Geeks out there, according to BurrTools there are 23396 possible assemblies and from those there are 8603 solvable burrs. Brian says there are some very interesting level 5 & level 4 disassemblies that are also worth puzzling over but the two highest levels are still these two original designs. Then of course there’s the puzzle of knowing which pieces went to make the two original burrs!

A few copies of this shipment are still available to purchase either singularly or as a discounted set of two puzzles here

7 move Philippe Dubois Burr 10 move piston puzzle burr