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Wine Barrel interlocking burr puzzle


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The puzzle is to disassemble and reassemble the 12 piece wine barrel puzzle. A pretty hard puzzle if you've not done it before. Or if you've had too many wines!
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The puzzle is to disassemble and reassemble the wine barrel puzzle. The 12 pieces are made up of some strange looking shapes but there is a way to fit them all together into the barrel shape.

You can take a little hint from some of the pieces in this puzzle which have the distinct curved outline of a barrel but that still doesn't mean it's going to be easy.
You'll really be ready to raise a toast when you finally crack the solution to this puzzle!

The barrel puzzle is a classic and should be in your puzzle collection. We know the original version goes back to at least 1890 when it was documented in Bland's Conjuring Tricks Catalogue in London in that year along with a puzzle apple, puzzle pear, and a puzzle coffee pot.  These original puzzles were made in Germany and so it seems appropriate that some of the original barrel puzzles were made with a handle on the side to look like a beer stein. These old German puzzles we beautifully made with a lacquered finish. This type of interlocking barrel was made very early in Japan as well and they are still just as puzzling in the 21st century! A pretty hard puzzle if you've not done it before but a great introduction to interlocking burr puzzles.

The puzzle we are selling here is made from the Monkey Pod wood (not oak like a real wine barrel!) which is a tree farmed in Thailand so there is no threat to the natural forests there. It's a full-size puzzle so the pieces are not too fiddly to play with. A detailed 14 step solution comes with the puzzle.

Size: 70mm tall. The diameter of the top is 57mm.
The puzzle is shrink wrapped with a detailed solution.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dilemma
Difficulty Level 7
Designer -

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