Wooden puzzle locks

They both look like puzzle locks. But are they really?

They’re actually more closely related to the old Chinese Ring puzzle than a puzzle lock. They are n-ary puzzles, a specific subset of the sequential movement group of puzzles.  Many of these puzzles require a lot of moves to complete due to the recursive nature of the solution. But working out the pattern is part of solving the puzzle.

Lock 250 (250+ moves) and the Void Lock (300+ moves) are both n-ary puzzles but are solves quite differently. But in both cases the solution would have two states equating to on/of or 0 and 1 like that used in computer binary code. 

The most we’ve ever heard of is the big (HUGE) brother of the Lock 250.  The Generation Lock isn’t commercially available although we did sell a few copies some years ago. With 341,718,750. Yes, that’s 340 million+ ! moves there’s not much chance of anyone solving it.





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