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Tower of Hanoi puzzle


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Learn the pattern and you'll soon be able to master transferring the stack of 9 disks from one rod to another.
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This puzzle might be the most famous movement game of all time!
The task is to transfer the stack of 9 disks from the centre post to one of the outer posts, never allowing a disk to sit on top of a disk that's smaller than itself.
It looks quite doable. But you'll soon realise the enormity of the challenge when you understand there are no less than 255 moves to achieve this. And that answer has never been a shortcut!

There are many myths and legends about the origins of this puzzle but it seems that the French Mathematician Edouard Lucas actually created the puzzle in 1883. He may have also created the essence of the myths as well to help promote the puzzle and give it an air of mystique.

The most common legend is that of the temple of Benares, where the centre of the world was, there was a brass plate on which stood 3 diamond needles. While creating the world God placed 64 gold disks on them. This is the Tower of Hanoi. The priest is set the task of moving the disks from one needle to another and it's said that once they are all moved the world will end with a big bang. With 64 disks the number of moves would end up being 18,446,744,073,709,551,615. It's been theorised that if every move took one second it would still take nearly 6 billion centuries to complete! Seems it will be a while yet before the end of the world.

You might also recognise this puzzle in a simpler version in the movie "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".  In the movie they called it the Lucas Tower and it had just 4 disks instead of 9. But essentially the object of the puzzle is the same. The female chimpanzee named Bright Eyes showed her intelligence when she successfully completed the Lucas Tower puzzle with a total of 20 moves, just 5 moves off from the perfect score of 15.

This version of the puzzle has 9 disks and so 255 moves assuming you don't make any mistakes along the way. With persistence, you will see a pattern emerging and work out how to do the puzzle.

The puzzle pieces can be stored in the wooden box so you can take your puzzle with you to play whenever you like.
The wood Thai Monkey Pod wood which is a sustainably grown plantation tree in Thailand.

Size: The wooden box is: 242mm 95mm x 30mm

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dilemma
Difficulty Level 7
Designer No

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