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Just like take apart puzzles. There is usually some sort of lock you need to negotiate to open the puzzle. But beware it might not be like any lock you’ve done before.

New Designer Felix Ure’s FIRST puzzle

How is it possible that a new designer can come up with such an amazing first release? Simple goal. Tactile to handle. VERY difficult solution. Luxurious and substantial. This puzzle has all the elements of a great puzzle. You can

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HoKey CoKey lock designed by Ali Morris from Brass Monkey Puzzles

Ali Morris designed the lock for his friend (and co-conspirator at Brass Monkey Puzzles) Steve Nichols to enter as his IPP Exchange puzzle at IPP38 in San Diego. And the exchangers loved it! Or at least they loved playing with

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Rubik’s Safe – a hard puzzle to keep your stuff safe

You’ve heard of thinking outside the box.  So now you have to think about how to get into the box! It’s such a fun play on the Rubik’s theme to give someone who really loves puzzles.  It’s a genuine Rubik’s licenced product. 

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Jail Break trick opening puzzle

You could be forgiven for assuming that this latest creating from Jurgen Reiche at Siebenstein-Spiele was another version of the well known Alcatraz puzzle. But beware. It’s definitely not.  No clues to the solution there! Really nicely made in Germany the

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B-Lock by Boaz Feldman

Creating amazing puzzle locks must run in the Feldman family because in the steps of his father and the famous Danlock we now see Dan’s son Boaz bringing out the B-Lock. The beauty of this puzzle is that you can

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Trick Opening – Lock 064

While the numbers on the front dial give it the classic look of a combination lock there are other features of the puzzle that put it firmly in the trick opening puzzle category. This is one of the hardest from German puzzle

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