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Not really jigsaw puzzles although you may still have to match a pattern or picture to complete the puzzle, the pieces usually do not interlock. To complete the puzzle you will need to fill a pre-defined space with the pieces of the puzzle and often conform to a pattern as well.

IPP39 Kanazawa exchange puzzles

At Mr Puzzle we made two puzzles designed by George Sicherman for this year’s IPP39 held in Kanazawa, Japan. The¬†Edward Hordern puzzle exchange event is held every year at IPP. People who want to participate must bring a new design

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Hajime Katsumoto – Framed Jigsaw

Hajime Katsumoto is an incredible puzzle designer and consistently wins awards for his puzzles at the annual International Puzzle Design Competition. In 2018 he won the Jury Grand Prize for his 5L Box, narrowly beating two other entries that were

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30 Cube multi-level challenge puzzle

Martin Gardner, a world-famous mathematician and scientist once wrote an article in Scientific American magazine back in 1966 expressing his regret that the 30 colour cube principle had never been turned into a commercial set of challenges. It took until

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Woodencraft Aussie Maps are back.

Woodencrafts is a boutique, family-owned cottage industry with over 40 years experience designing, developing and manufacturing high quality wooden gifts and souvenirs from recycled and sustainably sourced Australian native timbers. Due to illness in their family we’ve been unable to

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Why should adults have all the fun? Of course children love puzzles too.

More than that puzzles have proven to be very effective in the development of hand co-ordination and fine motor skills, problem solving and shape recognition. Doing a puzzle can even assist in the development of memory and setting and achieving

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Celebrate Australia Day with puzzles

Happy Australia Day everyone! Plenty of puzzles to celebrate our national day.¬† Try the very difficult double sided packing puzzle VOYAGE TO TERRA AUSTRALIS or the not quite so difficult AUSTRALIAN MAP WIRE PUZZLE.    

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Siebenstein-Spiele two new 2D tray puzzles

A couple of new challenges from Siebenstein-Spiele. BERMUDA Fit all 7 sea creatures into the frame and PENTO fit the six pieces into the tray ( but its not pentominoes as you know them…. there’s a twist to them!)  

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