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3D Put Together puzzles can be described as those puzzles which need to be assembled to make a 3D shape but they are not interlocking puzzles. In other words 3d wooden puzzles do not lock together so that they cannot be picked up as a single shape when completed.
Box packing puzzles, cube puzzles and other assembly puzzles and also some pattern matching puzzles generally come into this category.

IPP39 Kanazawa exchange puzzles

At Mr Puzzle we made two puzzles designed by George Sicherman for this year’s IPP39 held in Kanazawa, Japan. The Edward Hordern puzzle exchange event is held every year at IPP. People who want to participate must bring a new design

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3D Crystal Puzzles for the whole family

Three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles are so popular. These 3D Crystal jigsaw puzzles are great fun to work on and you can leave them assembled to display when they’re done.  And you can even buy a special stand with an LED light

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IPP38 Puzzles

Brian @ Mr Puzzle made two of the puzzles presented at this years IPP puzzle exchange. Rollercoaster is an interlocking and dexterity and packing puzzle in one! You’ll need to solve the puzzle inside the confined space of the box. Designed

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Puzzle maker and designer Vinco – TV Interview

Here’s a great chance from some insight into puzzle maker and designer Václav Obšivač…. even if you can’t understand Czech!!! The interview was done by the national Czech Television and you’ll still get some insight into how Vinco makes

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More Vinco stock just arrived.

We’ve just had a new shipment land to restock lots of Václav Obšívac (Vinco to puzzlers) puzzles after Christmas sales. There’s a new one – Hexator 6 piece hard interlocking puzzle.  The puzzle is modelled on the larger Xcruci8 puzzle.  But if the 8 piece

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New Puzzles from the International Puzzle Party 35 Ottawa, Canada

The 35th International Puzzle Party was held in Ottawa, Canada in August 2015. Mr Puzzle made six new designs for the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange event that is one of the focus events of IPP. Five of these puzzles are

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Cubebot. Wooden robot not just for kids…

Cubebot’s been around for a while but Brian’s only just discovering how tricky it can be to get back into it’s box…..  especially when you’re trying the large (we’re calling it HUGE at Mr Puzzle!) version. So, be aware,  if

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Just in from Germany

Hochstapler 3d packing puzzle Euro Falle 02 trick opening puzzle

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More budget wooden puzzles listed this weekend

Always good to find a “quality for the price” set of budget puzzles. And CodeWord is a great find. Lots of variety of puzzles.  We’ve listed 6 new wooden puzzles of different varieties this weekend.  Take a look here

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We’ve finished the last batch of Groovy Cubes

Rick Eason invented this puzzle and presented it as his Exchange Puzzle at IPP24 in Tokyo in 2004 and it is with his kind permission that we made a batch of these puzzles back then. We have recently had a

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