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Not one of the regular Hordern or Slocum puzzle classification categories the term Sequential Discovery puzzle has been heard more and more recently. It certainly one of Brian’s favourites both to design and when solving other people’s designs.

The category refers to a sub group of Take Apart puzzles.
The key difference between a sequential discovery puzzle and other take apart puzzles is that you will remove pieces that will have to be re-used as tools or reinserted to advance like this one. They are very specialised puzzles where you will need to complete a number of challenges in a particular order to do the puzzle. Usually you will have to find tools within, and determine how to use them, to complete the puzzle.

ages – very hard! Sequential Discovery Burr by Brian Young

Brian’s only sequential discovery puzzle for 2019 is already selling fast. The first 100 have sold out. We are taking deposits for the second and final batch of 100 now. At first glance, it appears to be a 6 piece

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3 Wise Bolts. Latest sequential discovery puzzle by Brian Young.

Brian first thought of the concept for this puzzle way back in 2015 after watching one of those quirky engineering videos on  YouTube. Who says that’s a waste of time? But how to develop the concept into a workable sequential

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The Louvre sequential discovery puzzle

France has lost the Mona Lisa!!!!!! Find the flagpole and the French Flag. Find the Mona Lisa. Raise the French Flag so it stays at full mast above The Louvre. The Louvre is the latest sequential discovery puzzle designed and

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Trick puzzle box 003 from Siebenstein-Spiele has arrived!

Puzzle boxes 001 & 002 in the series have been here for a while and now 003 has arrived.  This box 003 is much bigger, much harder, and much more involved than the other two. Is it a puzzle box? 

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Limited Edition Release 24 June 2016

Limited Edition is a long standing tradition at Mr Puzzle that started in 1993.  Until 2010 our usual format was to pre-release 3 sets of Limited Edition puzzles each year in December for delivery in the first quarter of the

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Index to Mr Puzzle Limited Edition in Archives

We’ve been making puzzles since 1993 and we often receive emails from people searching for information about a puzzle we used to make. So, this page is a resource for collectors. It has historical records of puzzles that were previously made

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Limited Edition 2016 update

That was a long day for Brian in the shed…. procrastinating!    Colour & grain matching hundreds of bits of wood to make sets for each puzzle! Apart from the Christmas orders we’ve been working flat out on the new Limited Edition

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Big Ben wins IPP35 Jury Grand Prize

We’re very proud to have produced the Big Ben puzzle at Mr Puzzle. A brilliant design by John, Juno and Brian recognised with the Jury Grand Prize at the IPP35 Design Competition. Some puzzles still available for sale at

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Indian Lock – Two Key 9 Step Iron Puzzle Padlock

You are given not just one but two keys to open this puzzle padlock, and yet there is no keyhole. So how to unlock it? Is it a puzzle lock or is it a progressive move puzzle?  Not like any

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Gold Coast Parking Meter puzzles back in stock

The puzzle was designed and made by Brian Young back in 2007 for the International Puzzle Party held on the Gold Coast. The last batch of 70 has been sitting in the shed since then but now that he has

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