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We’re very proud to stock puzzles by many of the world’s best puzzle designers and inventors on our website. We try our best to give due recognition to the designer of the puzzle; after all, without them there would be no puzzle.

Kyoo Wong. Designer for Hanayama.

Kyoo Wong discovered Hanayama puzzles 20 years ago and from that moment he discovers his interest in both solving puzzles and he started to design puzzles. Mr Puzzle asked Kyoo “How do you design puzzle?”  His answer: Usually, I start with

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Vesa Timonen designer of many Hanayama puzzles

Vesa is not a full-time puzzle designer but you would never know it given the number of amazing designs he manages to come up with.  He made is first designs in 1996 and ever since then, he’s constantly being asked if

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New Designer Felix Ure’s FIRST puzzle

How is it possible that a new designer can come up with such an amazing first release? Simple goal. Tactile to handle. VERY difficult solution. Luxurious and substantial. This puzzle has all the elements of a great puzzle. You can

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Current release from Hanayama in Japan – Slider

The puzzle is to separate the three pieces and put them back together again. When the pieces are lined up just right and you get the movement correct they will slide apart very smoothly. Could the clue be in the name?

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Hajime Katsumoto – Framed Jigsaw

Hajime Katsumoto is an incredible puzzle designer and consistently wins awards for his puzzles at the annual International Puzzle Design Competition. In 2018 he won the Jury Grand Prize for his 5L Box, narrowly beating two other entries that were

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Hanayama UFO is proving harder than the rating suggests

It’s only been released so far in Japan but we’ve been lucky to get our hands on some advance copies for our customers and boy are they loving this one. UFO brings to 63 the total number of Hanayama puzzles to

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B-Lock by Boaz Feldman

Creating amazing puzzle locks must run in the Feldman family because in the steps of his father and the famous Danlock we now see Dan’s son Boaz bringing out the B-Lock. The beauty of this puzzle is that you can

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Puzzle maker and designer Vinco – TV Interview

Here’s a great chance from some insight into puzzle maker and designer Václav Obšivač…. even if you can’t understand Czech!!! The interview was done by the national Czech Television and you’ll still get some insight into how Vinco makes

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Puzzle Designer Jean Claude Constantin

No matter if you’re an experienced puzzler or buying your first puzzle Jean-Claude Constantin is a designer to watch out for.  The variety of puzzles he designs spans many different puzzle categories from disentanglement to puzzle boxes, from take apart

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Australian Made category for Mr Puzzle puzzles

At Mr Puzzle we make and sell puzzles. With more than 300 different puzzle listings on our website from manufacturers all around the world it can be difficult to find just those puzzles we make here in our workshop at Tamborine,

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