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This is a group of puzzles and brainteasers is called Take-Apart puzzles. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish these categories of puzzles and brain teasers from each other so we grouped them to make it simpler. Whatever the puzzles are made of the object of the puzzle will always at least start with the overall object to separate the pieces of the puzzle or remove a piece of the puzzle.

Hanayama Award Winning Rotor puzzle

The new designs are coming thick and fast for Hanayama this year.  And lots of hard ones too!  Difficulty Level 6 on Hanayama scale 1 to 6. Grand Master! Sometimes we wonder if Hanayama wished they had a Level 7!

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New Designer Felix Ure’s FIRST puzzle

How is it possible that a new designer can come up with such an amazing first release? Simple goal. Tactile to handle. VERY difficult solution. Luxurious and substantial. This puzzle has all the elements of a great puzzle. You can

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Current release from Hanayama in Japan – Slider

The puzzle is to separate the three pieces and put them back together again. When the pieces are lined up just right and you get the movement correct they will slide apart very smoothly. Could the clue be in the name?

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Two Brass Monkey puzzles

Why Brass Monkey? Even if you understand that brass monkey is a colloquial expression used by some English speakers you might still wonder why this group of puzzles gets its name from that. I wonder too! But so far I’ve

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6/6 difficulty for Hanayama Hourglass

Could this be the hardest puzzle Hanayama have ever made to date?  It’s 6/6 on their difficulty scale but we bet they wish they had a 10! to give it. If the solution is anything to go by then the

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Sweta Cross – Wil Strijbos

At first this one might trick you into thinking you know it.  Wil already designed an Aluminium Cross before right? Don’t be fooled. Wil came up with the first version of the Sweta Cross in September 2015.  It’s internal workings

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Just in from Germany

Hochstapler 3d packing puzzle Euro Falle 02 trick opening puzzle

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Indian Lock – Two Key 9 Step Iron Puzzle Padlock

You are given not just one but two keys to open this puzzle padlock, and yet there is no keyhole. So how to unlock it? Is it a puzzle lock or is it a progressive move puzzle?  Not like any

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Two new bolt puzzles from Wil Strijbos

Like many other bolt puzzles the goal is to try to remove the washer. Unlike other bolt puzzles these designs by Wil Strijbos use two different mechanism not used in other trick opening bolt puzzles before. Nipple Bolt and Low

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Puzzle Designer Wil Strijbos

Wil started collecting puzzles in the early 1970’s and by 1980 he had designed his first puzzle and he has not stopped since.  He is best known for his high quality, very difficult and unusual sequential discovery take-apart puzzles.  Those

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