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The brain teaser is to disentangle and reentangle (is that a real word?) the parts of the puzzle.

Vesa Timonen designer of many Hanayama puzzles

Vesa is not a full-time puzzle designer but you would never know it given the number of amazing designs he manages to come up with.  He made is first designs in 1996 and ever since then, he’s constantly being asked if

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Hanayama UFO is proving harder than the rating suggests

It’s only been released so far in Japan but we’ve been lucky to get our hands on some advance copies for our customers and boy are they loving this one. UFO brings to 63 the total number of Hanayama puzzles to

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Hanayama. Old favourites. New puzzles. Hard puzzles.

HANAYAMA. Some old favourites (take that as meaning hard ones!) back in stock and some new ones to try. #Hashtag – yep that’s what they actually called it! Disc. Cake. Padlock. Infinity. Nutcase.  and lots more… We’ve got so many

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So many different rope puzzles to choose

Recently we added a lot of new wood and rope disentanglement puzzles to our website. If you’re looking for a puzzle with a particular theme this range works well; we’ve got wombats, fish, cats, and more…  Cars and lunar theme

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Large Metal Brainteasers always popular and bamboozling, bewildering, baffling, bemusing, boggling, befuddling!

There are 6 different bamboozling, bewildering, baffling, bemusing, boggling, befuddling large metal brainteasers in the range. Brian’s even been experimenting with using one piece from a couple of different puzzles to make a new puzzle.  So far he’s found a couple of

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Wine Bottle or Spirit Bottle puzzle

Perfect for that last minute Christmas present to add some laughter to the party. The wine is all locked up so they’ll have to solve the puzzle so the wine can start to flow.  Or just use it to protect

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A fun set of disentanglement puzzles to stand on the bar.

These 5 metal puzzles on a wooden stand will confound and confuse your friends when you have them over for a beer! Plenty of puzzling to share around! A great present for Father’s Day coming up in Australia September 6th.

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Celebrate Australia Day with puzzles

Happy Australia Day everyone! Plenty of puzzles to celebrate our national day.  Try the very difficult double sided packing puzzle VOYAGE TO TERRA AUSTRALIS or the not quite so difficult AUSTRALIAN MAP WIRE PUZZLE.    

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