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Caribbean Pirate puzzle box

Not hugely difficult but this puzzle box has a completely different solution to any other puzzle boxes on our site. You can hear the sounds of something rolling around inside the puzzle box but to reveal more would give too

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30 Cube multi-level challenge puzzle

Martin Gardner, a world-famous mathematician and scientist once wrote an article in Scientific American magazine back in 1966 expressing his regret that the 30 colour cube principle had never been turned into a commercial set of challenges. It took until

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By The Book kids novel stacking puzzle

They say it’s for kids 8+ Well, us adults are over 8 years old aren’t we? Easy to get hooked on this one.  Such a nice presentation of a puzzling concept. A novel stacking puzzle. In this original 3D

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Amaze! from ThinkFun

ThinkFun still coming up with great puzzle ideas like this maze that changes as you play! Players must navigate this maze game using the attached stylus, pushing open movable gateways while avoiding traps and dead ends.  Easy setup – just slide

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So many different rope puzzles to choose

Recently we added a lot of new wood and rope disentanglement puzzles to our website. If you’re looking for a puzzle with a particular theme this range works well; we’ve got wombats, fish, cats, and more…  Cars and lunar theme

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Why should adults have all the fun? Of course children love puzzles too.

More than that puzzles have proven to be very effective in the development of hand co-ordination and fine motor skills, problem solving and shape recognition. Doing a puzzle can even assist in the development of memory and setting and achieving

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