Index to Mr Puzzle Limited Edition in Archives

We’ve been making puzzles since 1993 and we often receive emails from people searching for information about a puzzle we used to make.

So, this page is a resource for collectors. It has historical records of puzzles that were previously made and since sold out.

Most of the puzzles are not included in our normal Search facility because we don’t want to frustrate our customers by returning search results for many puzzles that they cannot buy so thanks for your patience while you page through the archives to read about the puzzles we’ve made in the past. In time I will try to include a search function in our blog to make it easier to search and link back to these pages.


WENDY – Limited Edition of just 12 puzzles from 1999

Limited Edition: Puzzles are listed from latest to earliest by year of release.

Other Puzzles:


HOUDINI Torture Cell sequential discovery puzzle – WINNER: One of two Jury First Prizes in the Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition 2012



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