We’ve finished the last batch of Groovy Cubes

Rick Eason invented this puzzle and presented it as his Exchange Puzzle at IPP24 in Tokyo in 2004 and it is with his kind permission that we made a batch of these puzzles back then.

We have recently had a big clean up in the shed and found another set of 22 puzzles cut out and never completed.  The wood will certainly be well dried by now and the puzzles are working beautifully.

All eight pieces of the puzzle are different which increases the degree of difficulty of the puzzle. There are four possible solutions but three of them are false solutions. A false solution is when all the pieces look like they will fit together, but there is no order of assembly that allows the puzzle to go together completely. To achieve the only possible correct solution you must find the unique combination of dovetails and grooves, and the correct order to assemble them, that allows the pieces to fit together to form the solid cube.



Groovy Cubes 8 piece interlocking cube puzzle

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