More budget wooden puzzles listed this weekend

Always good to find a “quality for the price” set of budget puzzles. And CodeWord is a great find.

Lots of variety of puzzles.  We’ve listed 6 new wooden puzzles of different varieties this weekend.  Take a look here


Disk Stacker Your challenge is to stack all 12 disks on to the base with all 13 small dowels inside to make a cylinder shape. No dowels sticking out at the top please!


Ball in a Nest Build the Nest with the wooden ball in the middle.


Framed Cube It would be hard enough to make the symmetrical cross outside of the frame with these 7 unusual shaped piece. But to do this puzzles you must assemble them inside the frame.















Soccer Ball shaped diagonal burr The puzzle is to assemble the 6 identical puzzle pieces into the soccer ball shape.


Square based pyramid Not just a stack of standard shape blocks. Some of the 7 pieces in this puzzle have cubes joined together in very complicated shapes indeed!


Squat Soma put together puzzle The puzzle is to pack the 7 different shaped pieces into a solid offset cube-like shape contained inside the frame of 8 dowels.

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