Limited Edition Release 24 June 2016

Limited Edition is a long standing tradition at Mr Puzzle that started in 1993.  Until 2010 our usual format was to pre-release 3 sets of Limited Edition puzzles each year in December for delivery in the first quarter of the next year.

In the last few years we’ve broken with tradition and released individual Edition puzzles as they are completed. And in 2016 we’re completing the puzzles before they are released.  So you can order them for immediate shipment from our website.

Brian’s interest in sequential discovery puzzles continues, and as individual puzzles get more complex to make the time to produce extends.  Brian conceived this puzzle at Easter in 2014 and began making the actual puzzle way back in early 2015.  A huge project!

The concept:  To receive an SMS on an old fashioned telephone.


The puzzle: SMS Box sequential discovery puzzle.

This telephone comes with a lifetime membership to Mr Puzzle’s wooden telephone network with unlimited disassembly and re-assemblies of this puzzle per month.

To do this you will need to open more than one compartment in the SMS Box.  And to do that you’ll need to use tools and open locks.

All locks (and there’s a lot of them!) in the puzzle are manipulated and solved with tools provided.  Even though there are lots of magnets and springs you don’t need to hit anything or use any external force.  There are many tools provided to solve the many stages along the way and there is a tool for everything.


In the workshop. Sorting LOTS!!! of pieces of wood to get the best match for each puzzle.

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