The Louvre sequential discovery puzzle

France has lost the Mona Lisa!!!!!!
Find the flagpole and the French Flag. Find the Mona Lisa. Raise the French Flag so it stays at full mast above The Louvre.

The Louvre is the latest sequential discovery puzzle designed and made by Brian Young here at Mr Puzzle. You’ll find a lot of puzzling packed into this small puzzle.

Discover tools to progress through the puzzle until the Mona Lisa is found and the flag can be flown at full mast above The Louvre. To do the puzzle you’ll need to remove pieces that may have to be re-used as tools. Once you determine how to use them you can advance towards to the solution.

In one section of the puzzle Brian has taken a unique lock he invented for his Limited Edition SMS Box; arguably the hardest lock, certainly it caused many people a lot of trouble to solve, and has built a variation of that lock into The Louvre.   Don’t let that frighten you…. the way the lock was incorporated in the SMS Box there were no visual clues to help solve it. Once you’ve solved a couple of steps in The Louvre you will be able to see enough of this lock to give you an idea of what’s expected.  But, to compensate for allowing you to see the lock, Brian changed it slightly to make it behave quite differently to the lock in the SMS Box; an added annoying little sting in the tail (or tails?).


The Louvre sequential discovery puzzle


Brian visiting The Louvre

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