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  1. Jeruel 3D crystal jigsaws

    3D Crystal Jigsaw Puzzles

    Have you tried three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles? You'll love these 3D Crystal jigsaw puzzles! Great fun to work on and beautiful to display when they're done. Choose from 10 of the most popular figures. There are designs to match all sorts of interests. Choose one that suits you or collect them all! Learn More
  2. Sealife 2D Shark interlocked packing puzzle

    Sealife 2D Shark interlocked packing puzzle

    The puzzle is to fit all 8 sharks into the pool. There are also two extra round pieces that will fit it too. That certainly makes it very hard! Learn More
  3. wood and rope wombat puzzle

    Wombat Double Loop disentanglement rope puzzle

    The puzzle is to remove the small wooden ring from the puzzle. The puzzle is a classic rope disentanglement puzzle mounted on a wombat shaped base. Learn More
  4. WWF Wooden puzzles

    WWF 3D Animal puzzles

    Challenge yourself to try putting these animal brain benders back together and benefit the wildlife at the same time. Part of the price of these 3D puzzles goes to support the World Wildlife Fund. Learn More
  5. Cast #Hashtag Hanayama take apart puzzle

    Cast #Hashtag Hanayama take apart puzzle

    Maybe you'll want to post your success online if you're able to take the puzzle apart and then put it back together again. Learn More
  6. Cat Stax puzzle

    Catstax. The Purrfect Puzzle.

    Select the challenge and arrange all the cats on the card so they fit purrfectly within the grid shown. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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