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NEW ages Sequential Discovery by Brian Young. First 100 already Sold Out!Just 4 left of the last 100 to be made!

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  1. T Burr interlocking burr puzzle

    T Burr interlocking burr puzzle

    SOLD OUT. 180 puzzles made in 2009.
    When assembled this multi-level six piece interlocking burr shows a T on each face.

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    Out of stock

  2. X-Rated #239 (modified)

    X-Rated #239 (modified)

    SOLD OUT 2012 The puzzle is made from 12 hexagonal sticks & 12 dowels, three stick-dowel pairs joined to form 3 elbows, another six joined to form 6 cross pieces and 3 single hex sticks and single dowel pieces. 15 pieces in total. Learn More

    Out of stock

2 Item(s)

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