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  1. ATM wooden puzzle box

    ATM wooden puzzle box for giving cash or tickets

    Slide your gift into the puzzle box, lock the puzzle up again, and it's ready to give. The instructions are enclosed so it's easy to setup. Just hard for them to do! Learn More
  2. Interlocking 9 piece Flower Burr

    Interlocking 9 piece Flower Burr

    The puzzle is to disassemble and reassemble the 9 piece interlocking burr to make flower shape. Learn More
  3. Carribean Pirate Puzzle Box

    Caribbean Pirate Treasure Puzzle Box

    Aye! me Hearties. A great place to hide your stash of Pieces of Eight! The Pirates have drawn the treasure map on the lid of the puzzle box.  But we all know that pirates don't usually give up the secrets of where their treasure is buried. So what other tricks could there be to open the puzzle box? Will there be some treasure inside?

    Learn More
  4. Gift Card Holder puzzle box

    Gift Card holder puzzle box

    This clever puzzle box allows your recipient to see what the gift is through the acrylic cover, but in order to have it, they must first solve the secret to opening the box. Learn More
  5. 12 piece interlocking star burr

    12 piece interlocking star burr

    The puzzle is to assemble the 12 pieces into the interlocking star shape. Learn More
  6. Cross Cube assembly puzzle

    Cross Cube assembly puzzle

    The object is to pack each block into a single cube shape with a dark cross on each face. Learn More
  7. Hexsticks Stewart Coffin Burr

    Hex Sticks burr - 12 piece interlocking puzzle

    The puzzle is to try to interlock the 12 hexagonal sticks to make the symmetrical shape. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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