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  1. Cover Up George Sicherman puzzle

    Cover Up unusual assembly puzzle by George Sicherman

    The stated object is pretty straightforward. Place the T-shaped piece on a flat surface and hide it under the other four pieces. But when the stated goal seems straightforward you always know that it will not be don't you?

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  2. Set of 3 Chinese puzzle boxes

    Set of 3 Chinese Puzzle Boxes

    This is a set of 3 different Secret Boxes with 3 different solutions. Solve each different puzzle to unlock the secret of each box.

    Information to consider if you have previously purchased the either the original Set of 4 or the previous Set of 3 Secret Puzzle Boxes (now sold out) from us:
    - The Heart Secret Box in this set was one of the puzzles in that set of 3.
    - The other two boxes in this set are not the same but quite similar to other puzzles in that set of 3. 

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  3. 4 Sun 9 Step Japanese piggy bank box

    4 Sun 9 Step Japanese puzzle money box

    This Japanese Puzzle Box is a piggy bank. It has a slot you can find in a single move to put something inside it. It can be used as a money box.

    This box is also a great idea for those who want to add a little gift of money inside but not have to do all 9 steps and solve the puzzle to get it in there even if there is a step by step solution to follow!

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  4. Lunar Madness rope puzzle

    Lunar Madness rope puzzle

    The puzzle is to get the beads together on the same loop of rope. To do that you need to pass one bead through the moon somehow. Or do you? Learn More
  5. Mystery Wooden Puzzle Box - large three step

    Mystery Wooden Puzzle Box - large three step

    The object is to try to open the three stage puzzle box. Learn More
  6. Kagome 2 sun puzzle box

    Special 2 sun 10 step Kagome Japanese puzzle box

    The puzzle is to open the small 2 sun puzzle box; maybe you'll find a gift inside? Maybe the 10 steps will confound you and you won't be able to do it? 

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  7. Candy Box packing cube

    Candy Box packing cube

    Quickly tip all the pieces out of the box frame so you don't memorise their positions and then pack them all back in again.

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  8. WWF Wooden puzzles

    WWF 3D Animal puzzles

    Challenge yourself to try putting these animal brain benders back together and benefit the wildlife at the same time. Part of the price of these 3D puzzles goes to support the World Wildlife Fund. Learn More
  9. Six Magic Blocks 9 piece multi challenge packing puzzle

    Six Magic Blocks 9 piece multi challenge packing puzzle

    The puzzle is solved when all the six blocks are fitted into the rectangular base in two layers. Learn More
  10. 2 sun 10 step Akasays Japanese puzzle box

    2 sun 10 step Akasaya Japanese puzzle box

    2 Sun is the smallest measurement of the Japanese puzzle box we sell. We also have 4 Sun, 5 Sun and the large 6 Sun boxes. But just because it's small does not mean it will be easy to open.

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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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