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  1. Hip Flask Felix Ure

    Hip Flask brass sequential discovery puzzle

    New Puzzle COMING SOON Due in stock during February 2020 
    Pricing is indicative but may change up or down slightly depending on final exchange rate and customs clearance into Australia by Mr Puzzle.
    The photo of the puzzle will be updated as soon as they arrive. This photo provided by Felix Ure.

    Our standard 5% discount will be calculated on all puzzles in your cart including this one.

    Backing up from his first release called Titan the Hip-Flask is a multi-staged progressive move puzzle. Maybe not quite as difficult as the baffling and deceptive Titan but still an outstanding puzzle challenge.

    Learn More

    Out of stock

  2. Ring Road metal interlocking puzzle

    Ring Road metal interlocking puzzle

    Try to separate the 3 aluminium pieces and put them back together again in the spherical shape. Learn More
  3. Infinity Hanayama Puzzle

    Hanayama Cast Infinity take apart puzzle

    The puzzle is called Infinity not only for its appearance, but also because its movement continues endlessly until the pieces are taken apart. Learn More
  4. Quartet Hanayama cast metal puzzle

    Quartet Hanayama cast metal puzzle

    Separate the 4 pieces of the puzzle. True bonds has always been hard to form, but once formed such bonds are eternal and hard to break. Learn More
  5. Hanayama Trinity puzzle

    Hanayama Trinity - a very hard interlocked puzzle

    A very elusive design has been created by interlocking three pieces that do not have any order to their shape. This is a hard one! Learn More
  6. Hanayama Cast Rotor puzzle by Kyoo Wong

    Hanayama Cast Rotor puzzle - Latest in Hanayama Range!

    The puzzle is to separate the two pieces and put them back together again. Hanayama is known worldwide for challenging puzzles and quality manufacturing and this precisely engineered puzzle is no exception.

    Learn More
  7. Large metal disentanglement puzzles

    Large Metal disentanglement puzzles on a stand

    Choose from 12 different metal disentanglement puzzles. Each puzzle is mounted on a stand for display. Each puzzle has a different solution. Learn More
  8. Hanayama NEWS puzzle designed by Nob Yoshigahara

    Hanayama NEWS puzzle designed by Nob Yoshigahara

    The object is to separate the two parts - NEWS. Unfortunately saying anything here about it's construction would give away how to solve it.

    Learn More
  9. Set of 3 aluminium puzzles

    Set of 3 metal interlocking puzzles. Original 2018 series.

    The set of all 3 different interlocking aluminium puzzles gives you three very different puzzles with great discount. Learn More
  10. Laby - Japanese Cast Puzzle

    Laby - Japanese Cast Puzzle

    Move the two pieces around each other following the labyrinth until you can find the place where you can break through and separate them. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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