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NEW ages Sequential Discovery by Brian Young. First 100 already Sold Out!Now taking deposits for last 100 puzzles.

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  1. IPP wooden Burr 14 piece

    IPP wooden Burr 14 piece

    The puzzle is a completely new design invented by Brian Young for IPP. It has 14 interlocking pieces and takes 13 directional moves to remove the first piece. Learn More
  2. metal nail puzzle on wood stand

    Bent Again metal nail puzzle on wood business card holder stand

    The puzzle is to remove the nails from their stand then separate the two nails. Learn More
  3. Insoma wooden burr puzzle  Rhombic Dodecahedron

    Insoma wooden burr puzzle

    Two of the most popular puzzles ever made and sold in the world have been used to make this unique puzzle. We've now given the original version of the Insoma a facelift and pointed it differently to end up with this Rhombic Dodecahedron shape. Learn More
  4. ages Sequential Discovery Burr Puzzle by Brian Young

    ages NEW Sequential Discovery Burr Puzzle by Brian Young

    The first batch of 100 "ages - NEW Sequential Discovery Burr Puzzle by Brian Young" have now been sold. Brian expects to complete the second batch of 100 puzzles during November & December 2019 and January 2020. That will be the final batch of these puzzles made.
    If you want to reserve a copy from the next batch you can pay a deposit of Aust $100.00 using this link:

    We will contact people who've paid a deposit by email when your copy of the puzzle is ready to ship and send a link for the balance of payment due. The shipping cost will calculate on that link as normal.
    If you wish to order other puzzles with this deposit the shipping will be calculated for those puzzles only and we will send them immediately as ordered.
    If you want to wait and have the benefits of 5% discount for other puzzles (#ages puzzle is excluded) and combined shipping please wait and include those puzzles on the order when you pay the balance for the ages puzzle.

    About the puzzle....

    At first glance, it appears to be a 6 piece burr. On closer examination, it appears to be a 9 piece burr. But we all know just how deceiving appearances can be. The puzzle has trick locks, tools, elements of sequential discovery, so you do have to find the secret compartment that holds a piece of Australiana, a piece of Lightning Ridge Opal that has taken ages to form, as well as essentially being a very hard burr puzzle. 

    The puzzle is called ages. Why?
    Designed in 2010 and released in 2019. Why not?

    * Only 200 of these puzzles will be made. 5% discount does not apply.

    Learn More

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  5. PANDAmonium IPP38 2d packing brainteaser

    PANDAmonium at the Zoo

    One Panda is outside the enclosure in this Zoo. Can you fit that Panda into the Z enclosure along with all the others, including the little cub? Learn More

5 Item(s)

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