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  1. Hanayama Keyhole 3D maze puzzle

    Hanayama Huzzle Level 4 Keyhole puzzle

    Here is a challenging maze. At first glance the two pieces have simple concave and convex angles on their flat surfaces. However, when the two pieces intertwine they take the shape of a 3D maze. Learn More
  2. Symmetrick 2 piece puzzle

    Symmetrick 2 piece puzzle

    The challenge is to make a symmetric shape from the two wooden pieces. Both pieces should be flat on the table. This puzzle is idea to carry in your pocket and whip out to challenge friends. All the instructions are engraved on the black piece so you're carrying it with you. Learn More
  3. Hanayama puzzle - Square

    Hanayama Square take apart puzzle

    The puzzle is to separate the four pieces from each other then put them back together again. Even when you think you've almost got it there's another secret to unlock... and then there's the problem of putting it back together.

    Learn More
  4. Latest Hanayama Puzzle

    Hanayama UFO take apart puzzle - RELEASED 2019!

    We have some advance copies of the amazing new UFO puzzle from Hanayama. Released in Japan in February 2019 this puzzle won't be available outside Japan until mid 2019 . Made to the same high standard as previous Hanayama this is a level 4 puzzle invented by Vesa Timonen.

    Learn More
  5. Hanayama Cast Donut takeapart brainteaser

    Hanayama Cast Donut takeapart brainteaser

    The puzzle is to separate the 4 pieces of the two rings. Yes 4 not 2. Even thought the puzzle looks like 2 cast Donuts intertwined together. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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