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  1. Fidgitz shape-shifting twisty puzzle in box

    Fidgitz shape-shifting twisty puzzle

    Fidgitz is an amazing new type of twisty puzzle from ThinkFun. Mix, Twist, Solve, Fidget. Make a 2 x 3 flat shape with blue on the bottom and white on the top. Learn More
  2. Hanayama rattle puzzle

    Cast Rattle Hanayama Level 6 puzzle

    Four pieces of the same shape are loosely interlocked to make the puzzle. The puzzle is to separate them.

    Learn More
  3. Hanayama Cast Galaxy takeapart brainteaser

    Hanayama Cast Galaxy takeapart brainteaser

    You will becomes totally mesmerized by the pieces that move so freely. It is more difficult to put back together than to take apart. Learn More
  4. Hanayama cast cake puzzle

    Cast Cake Hanayama take apart puzzle

    The puzzle is remove the three layers from inside the cake. A quarter of this cake has been cut away showing three identical layers inside. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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