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  1. Slanted Double Cross three piece interlocking burr puzzle

    Slanted Double Cross three piece interlocking burr puzzle

    The puzzle is to disassemble the puzzle, mess up the pieces, then try to reassemble them into the three way cross shape. With the slanted cut even more seasoned puzzlers will find this one surprisingly trickier than the standard version. Learn More
  2. WWF Wooden puzzles

    WWF 3D Animal puzzles

    Challenge yourself to try putting these animal brain benders back together and benefit the wildlife at the same time. Part of the price of these 3D puzzles goes to support the World Wildlife Fund. Learn More
  3. Large metal disentanglement puzzles

    Large Metal disentanglement puzzles on a stand

    Choose from 12 different metal disentanglement puzzles. Each puzzle is mounted on a stand for display. Each puzzle has a different solution. Learn More
  4. Genuine Japanese box 2 sun 7 step

    Genuine Japanese crafted secret Koyosegi box 2 sun 7 step

    The puzzle is to open the small 2 sun puzzle box; maybe you'll find a gift inside? Genuine Japanese made puzzle box.

    Learn More

4 Item(s)

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