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  1. Indent interlocking packing puzzle in a cube

    Indent interlocking packing puzzle in a box

    A very high level 3D interlocking packing puzzle. Taking them out will be difficult but getting them back inside the box is another level of difficulty altogether. Lining up the dimple in the top of the blocks to form a full circle will help you know you’ve reassembled the puzzle correctly. Learn More
  2. Big Ben sequential discovery puzzle

    Big Ben sequential discovery puzzle

    The object of the puzzle is to ultimately find Big Ben (which is this case is actually quite small, otherwise the puzzle would be almost as big as the real Queen Elizabeth Tower). Along the way you will also find a representation of Queen Elizabeth's crown; no jewels included though! To do this you are only allowed to use tools supplied in the puzzle. There are magnets and springs in the puzzle, but you do not need to hit this puzzle to release any locks. Winner: Jury Grand Prize IPP Design Competition 2015 Learn More

    Out of stock

  3. 3D sliding block puzzle

    Bolaris Domino - 3D sliding sphere puzzle

    To solve the puzzle slide the pieces around until the rectangular pieces form a continuous chain of dominos around the ball. Learn More
  4. Latest Hanayama Puzzle

    Hanayama UFO take apart puzzle - RELEASED 2019!

    We have some advance copies of the amazing new UFO puzzle from Hanayama. Released in Japan in February 2019 this puzzle won't be available outside Japan until mid 2019 . Made to the same high standard as previous Hanayama this is a level 4 puzzle invented by Vesa Timonen.

    Learn More
  5. Dual Tetrahedron 04 Vinco puzzle

    Coordinated motion interlocking wooden puzzles by Vinco

    The puzzle is to take the four pieces of the puzzle apart and then put them back together again which is even harder to do. Learn More
  6. Lotus sequential discovery puzzle by Wil Strijbos

    Lotus sequential discovery puzzle

    To find the Lotus Flower you need to remove the aluminium circular disc and rod. Even when you do that there's more to the puzzle. The puzzle is a very, very difficult design by Wil Strijbos.
    Note: These puzzles are rarely available so purchase quantity is restricted to 1 per customer.

    Stock update 11th June 2019. The last batch of Lotus from November 2018 was sold within a day!  Since then there have been no Lotus puzzles available and even to this date I do not have confirmed information from Wil about when the next batch will be available.  It is unlikely to be before late 2019. And even then I don't have any certainty around that time.

    Learn More

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  7. Rubiks Junior puzzles

    Rubik's Junior twisty puzzles

    A great introduction to twisty puzzles for the kids. These cute little puzzles are not too difficult (written by an adult who has never actually solved it!) and they look really funny when they're messed up so that's sure to amuse. Choose from either the Bear or the Bunny. Learn More
  8. T Burr interlocking burr puzzle

    T Burr interlocking burr puzzle

    SOLD OUT. 180 puzzles made in 2009.
    When assembled this multi-level six piece interlocking burr shows a T on each face.

    Learn More

    Out of stock

  9. void cube

    Void Cube twisty puzzle with centre piece missing

    It should be easier to do the Void Cube because there are less cubes on each face to get back to a single colour. Right? Perhaps not! Much more experienced cubers than us say it’s more difficult because without the colour of the centre pieces it’s hard to determine the correct colour for each face and you have to change the way you would normally approach solving the regular 3x3x3 Cube. Learn More
  10. Dice Chinese puzzle box

    The Dice Chinese puzzle box

    Solving this one could be about as hard as rolling a 6 every time! There are 29 moves to open it. Learn More

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