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Exclusive IPP Puzzles

These are completely new puzzle designs that have been created by Brian and other puzzlers to exchange with other puzzle collectors at the Edward Hordern IPP Puzzle Exchange over the past few years. For more information about the event read on at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Checking In checkerboard packing tray puzzle

    Checking In checkerboard packing tray puzzle

    The puzzle is to fit all the pieces in the frame, including the spare piece packaged behind the frame. They must make a checkered pattern when you put them in. Yes, they do all fit inside the square frame, no force, no trick! Learn More
  2. Keep I on the Burr 6 piece burr

    Keep I on the Burr 6 piece burr

    The shape of the final solution is in the name 'Keep I in the Burr' and you do really have to keep an eye on those pieces. Learn More
  3. Junichi Yananose burr

    Fallingwater Burr complex interlocking burr

    The 6 clear interlocked pieces of this burr add another element of difficulty because its difficult to get your bearings when doing the puzzle; its often difficult to see exactly which piece your working with. Strange, considering that they are clear which means you can see everything!

    Photo: Its very difficult to photograph a totally clear acrylic puzzle so I added a darker background so you can really see how gorgeous this puzzle is!

    Learn More
  4. Brace Yourself 6 piece burr

    Brace Yourself 6 piece burr

    This 6 piece burr was designed for IPP by Frans de Vreugd and is sold disassembled for a huge assembling challenge. Learn More
  5. Hammerhead Vitex wood Burr

    Hammerhead Vitex wood Burr

    It will be difficult to get this burr together. Junichi described it as a mediocre level of difficulty which translates to difficult for most other puzzlers but we've packaged it disassembled to make it even harder. Learn More
  6. The Karst Phenomenon cube puzzle

    The Karst Phenomenon cube take apart puzzle

    The puzzle is to try to separate the two halves of the cube. It might come apart by accident if you play with it long enough but it will be very difficult to learn this puzzle by heart. Learn More
  7. Coming of Age by Vinco

    Coming of Age by Vinco

    Difficulty 5/5+ The puzzle is to assemble the six differently shaped pieces into this very complex interlocking burr. Learn More

Items 21 to 27 of 27 total

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The IPP Puzzle Exchange event takes place each year to honour an amazing puzzle collector Edward Hordern who sadly passed away in 2000.  
The event is held in conjunction with the International Puzzle Party which is an annual private collectors event. To learn more about IPP (International Puzzle Party) you can visit their website.

Edward Hordern had one of the world's largest mechanical puzzle collections.  He was considered to be the world's leading authority on sliding block puzzles, he wrote  a number of books about mechanical puzzles and was especially renowned for his puzzle solving abilities. 

In 1993, Hordern edited, corrected and privately published a Centenary Edition of the famous "Puzzles Old & New" by Professor Hoffmann, including photographs of many original puzzles of the 1890s, mostly from his own collection. 

Hordern's family gave the puzzle collection, including the famed Hoffmann puzzles, to collector James Dalgety, founder of Pentangle Puzzles and curator of the Puzzle Museum.

IPP Exchange puzzles must meet strict criteria covering 1. innovative design 2. well made 3. well presented and 4. fun to solve.

IPP Exchange Puzzles must not be commercially available prior to presentation at the IPP Puzzle Exchange event so unless you attend these puzzle events you will not have these puzzles in your collection.

As well as designing and making his own puzzle to present at the in this year's Edward Hordern Exchange event Brian also makes puzzles for other participants in the event. There are new designs from this year's exchange and stocks of over 25 different puzzles available from previous years so there's a wealth of new and unique designs to choose from.


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