Kyoo Wong. Designer for Hanayama.

Kyoo Wong discovered Hanayama puzzles 20 years ago and from that moment he discovers his interest in both solving puzzles and he started to design puzzles.

Mr Puzzle asked Kyoo “How do you design puzzle?”  His answer:

Usually, I start with a 2D sample. I use 2D drawing aid (illustrator/ Autocad) to design and print on cardboard for testing the movement.
Next step is sticking several layers of 2D acrylic pieces together to form a 3D sample.

I will then analyze each movement of the puzzle and add obstacles to it.

The next step is modifying the appearance by adding materials on this acrylic sample.

Once this is done, we can use 3D scanner to scan it to get the 3D data and make a sample with metal (bronze or steel) for checking the size, weight and strength.

One last step is that I will make a sample that is about 200% larger to check the critical location.

Kyoo’s inspiration to design puzzles comes because he loves looking at minor objects and think what we can do with them.  He says: “There is a saying that you can do 100 different things with one object. This is a fun process (although sometimes people think I am doing nonsense things) and through this process, I come up with puzzle ideas.”

Kyoo works for Hanayama in their Hong Kong office and has designed some brilliant puzzles and some of the most difficult like the Trinity and the lastest release in September 2019 called Rotor.

Cast Delta Hanayama Huzzle Puzzle

Hanayama Cast Rotor

Hanayama Trinity puzzle

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