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Puzzle Locks

Traditional padlocks with a twist. And puzzles that look like locks but take many sequential moves to unlock. You'll find them listed here.

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Puzzle Locks are part of the Trick Opening classification of puzzles. Often called Trick locks, puzzles in this category might vary from something that looks very much like a regular padlock, but there's no key, or there are keys but they don't seem to fit the lock. You might have to discover a number of moves to manipulate the puzzle so that you can open it; quite unlike any regular padlock you've ever known. There are also puzzles that resemble a lock or a safe that require many moves to open them.

We are often able to source locks from some of the very best contemporary puzzle lock makers. Dan Feldman, famous for the DanLock, and his son Boaz Feldman now following in his footsteps with his B-Lock, Rainer Popp with his very collectible Popplocks, the Wil Strijbos Revenge Lock and Haleslocks from Master Locksmith Shane Hales. But there are so few of these puzzles made, and they are so popular with collectors, that they are often sold out in a very short time.

So despite this being one of the most popular categories of puzzles and there being a very wide variety of different puzzle solutions in this category, some very difficult, some not so hard, puzzles in this category sell out fast.

At times we do have a simple lock puzzle from China, and there are a couple of other lock type puzzles which we can get constantly. Jean Claude Constantin's Lock 250 is a n-ary puzzle which is quite different from other locks. And the 3 digit mechanical safe is a great puzzle; the only problem is you have to build it yourself as well as solve it!

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