Quantum Entanglement framed burr

Sold out 2006 Limited Edition Set of 30. 
Original Price: AU$300.00  (AU$272.73 ex Australian Tax)
One of these puzzles resold at Haubrich Auctions in April 2019 for Euro 280.00

The Quantum Entanglement puzzle is a framed burr enclosing 6 pieces but the puzzle has a major difference from other framed burrs we know of. The frame is made so that the two halves can be separated allowing you to place the pieces inside in the configuration of your choice; this way you can make the puzzle as hard or easy as you feel like attempting at the time.

It could then be said that this puzzle is like having the burr puzzle equivalent of a sequential move puzzle like Rush Hour is.

If you decide to attempt the most difficult challenge, which is a level 80, it’s good to know that the frame comes apart to reset the puzzle if you get stuck half way. There are more than 1000 different challenges and solutions for this puzzle; we have included 10 different challenges of varying levels from an interesting level 2-9 up to the level 80-1 but don’t stop there; invent your own.

This puzzle is the “real” Quantum Entanglement, designed by renowned Singaporean puzzle inventor Goh Pit Khiam in May 2005.

We say the real Quantum Entanglement because a different design by Pit was given as an IPP26 Exchange gift by Frans de Vreugd and called Quantum Entanglement. There had been a mix up in the names and Frans’s puzzle was never intended by Pit to have this name.

Pit says he called this puzzle Quantum Entanglement because of the quantum leap in the level of the burr and the entangled state of the pieces in the frame. Many moves are made just to move one piece left by 2 steps with almost all of the other pieces back to their original positions before another piece can be removed.

The box is crafted from Tasmanian Blackwood and the pieces from Pencil Cedar. The two halves of the box can be separated by undoing the stainless steel alumn head screws. To assist with reassembly and strengthen, 8 hand tapped guide tubes have been custom made from brass and glued inside each corner to help line up the two halves when reassembling.

Size of box: 120mm x 120mm x 75mm