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Rubiks Cube Light that really turns

Lighting with a twist! The perfect desk lamp for the twisty puzzle fan in your life. The Rubiks Cube light really turns even when lit…

AUD $25.00USD $
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Moon Spinner twisting brainteaser

Your goal is to scramble the various coloured sections, and then figure out how to rotate them back to their starting positions. It's sort of…

AUD $22.68USD $
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Money Maze Gift Box

Solve the maze to open! The money maze gift box can hold Cash, gift cards, jewellery, candy and other small gifts and more. [...]Read More...

AUD $17.27USD $
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3 Boxy wooden interlocking puzzle

Difficulty 4/5 The puzzle is to take apart the 6 pieces. Once apart you will need all your dexterity skills to get this one back…

AUD $41.82USD $
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Popplock T12 Released in March 2020. Sold Out.

31 March 2020

Popplock T12 is the 2020 release from Rainer Popp but like all previous series the numbers available are very limited and so they sold out…

The 4th box in the Karakuri New Secret Box series

5 March 2020

Karakuri have added a fourth box to the “New Secret Boxes” series. The solution is very different from the previous three versions and they say…

New from Felix Ure – Hip Flask

24 February 2020

His first puzzle Titan has had some of the best puzzle solvers baffled for months now. And those that have managed to solve it have…

Insoma diagonal burr

13 February 2020

Craftsman Range puzzle made in June 2003.  120 made.  All sold. Original Price: AU$120.00 (AU$109.09 ex Australian Taxes) We’ve now given the original version of…