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Hexator 6 piece hard interlocking puzzle

Your challenge is to assemble the 6 pieces into the symmetrical interlocked cross shape. [...]Read More... from Hexator 6 piece hard interlocking puzzle

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Heavy Iron & Brass Peacock Trick lock

Stock Update 4th February 2022:  This lock is now sold out but there's lots of other similar locks to choose from here. You have the…

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Moon Spinner twisting brainteaser

Your goal is to scramble the various coloured sections, and then figure out how to rotate them back to their starting positions. It's sort of…

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3 Boxy wooden interlocking puzzle

Difficulty 4/5 The puzzle is to take apart the 6 pieces. Once apart you will need all your dexterity skills to get this one back…

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Laszlo Molnar puzzle designer

12 May 2022

Laszlo is from Malta and though there isn’t a huge puzzle community there he says his puzzle design days really started as a challenge to…

Wil Strijbos’s Revenge Lock

23 April 2022

The YouTuber downtimefun has done a great job solving the Revenge Lock.    **SPOILER** Don’t click this link if you don’t want to see the…

Escape Room creator makes puzzles you can do at home

26 April 2022

Escape Welt are the creators of actual Escape Rooms in Leipzig, Germany and their puzzles reflect some of those rooms.  Their philosophy is to give…

Piston Puzzle

4 March 2022

Coordinating the World Wide release of the long awaited brass Piston Puzzle might have been a bigger challenge than the puzzle itself for Felix Ure!…