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Rubiks Cube Light that really turns

Lighting with a twist! The perfect desk lamp for the twisty puzzle fan in your life. The Rubiks Cube light really turns even when lit…

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Hexator 6 piece hard interlocking puzzle

Your challenge is to assemble the 6 pieces into the symmetrical interlocked cross shape. [...]Read More...

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3 Boxy wooden interlocking puzzle

Difficulty 4/5 The puzzle is to take apart the 6 pieces. Once apart you will need all your dexterity skills to get this one back…

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Moon Spinner twisting brainteaser

Your goal is to scramble the various coloured sections, and then figure out how to rotate them back to their starting positions. It's sort of…

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Puzzle Greeting Cards.

15 October 2021

Christmas. Birthday. Easter.  Send a puzzle card.  A tactile way to deliver your personal greeting with an added element of fun!  Cards contain 3 different…

New puzzle boxes just arrived from Japan

28 September 2021

Hiroyuki Oka makes some unique and unusual Japanese puzzle boxes. Hexagonal. Square. And even the tiny Mame box has 18 moves to open. Now that’s…

Indian Trick Locks

27 August 2021

In India up until the 20th-century padlocks would have been made by traditional artisans who sold them in local bazaars or markets, making their locks…

Apéro with Brian Young. An interview by Mickael from Beats and Pieces

3 August 2021

Want to know more about the man behind Mr Puzzle? Recently Mickael from the YouTube channel Beats and Pieces interviewed Brian about how he started…