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Safe – free the Euro from the multi level maze

Solve the double layered maze and free the Euro from the labyrinth. A very, very hard puzzle puzzle designed by Jürgen Reiche at Siebenstein-Spiele. [...]Read…

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Lock 64 trick opening puzzle

The lock is disguised as a combination lock but you will soon find out there is a lot more puzzling than that to open it.…

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The Nightmare sliding numbered blocks puzzle

Arrange the numbers 1-6 in order by sliding the blocks around in the tracks provided. Another hard puzzle designed by Jürgen Reiche. [...]Read More...

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Puzzle Box 002 Deluxe Mini

The puzzle is to open the box. Hide your rings or other little valuables in here and they're sure to be safe. [...]Read More...

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Trick puzzle box 003 from Siebenstein-Spiele has arrived!

17 June 2017

Puzzle boxes 001 & 002 in the series have been here for a while and now 003 has arrived.  This box 003 is much bigger,…

Two new puzzle boxes from Siebenstein Spiele

7 May 2017

Puzzle boxes 001 & 002 have landed and 003 is on it’s way. Due late May 2017.  Designed as a set of three puzzle boxes this year…

Trick Opening – Lock 064

15 April 2018

While the numbers on the front dial give it the classic look of a combination lock there are other features of the puzzle that put it firmly…

Jail Break trick opening puzzle

22 February 2019

You could be forgiven for assuming that this latest creating from Jurgen Reiche at Siebenstein-Spiele was another version of the well known Alcatraz puzzle. But beware.…